​Technolube is a Richmond BC based company, specializing in providing reliable and user friendly automatic lubrication
with the grease fill you need, and user-fillable oil units.  Our  Lubricators are also available with stock greases (EP0, EP1 and EP2 types) ahipped next day or better.  Some food grade greases or specialty lubricant greases may take a little longer, but we will do our best to ship your  lubricators containing the grease specified for your equipment in the shortest possible time, ready to go.

Electronically controlled lubrication has many advantages over the manual grease gun. Your lubricant is delivered in the precise amounts needed as in the schedule you set up during installation.  You enjoy better performance and longer machinery life (up to 48% longer), while reducing safety concerns and manpower costs.

The single point Econo series (TL-EC1, EC2 and EC3) has a simple control system and is fully recyclable when empty.  Now used in many industries large and small as a reliable alternative to more expensive installations or manual lubrication.

   Single point -TL-D2  250cc 
            and TL-D1 125cc 
Refillable, multi-point 
TL-M1 125cc, TL-M2 250cc, 
TL-M3 500cc
TL-EC1 60cc, TL-EC2 120cc 
        and TL-EC3 240cc.
The refillable OIL  unit TL-OL500 holds up to 500cc of oil and can supply from one to four bearings.

This is also available as TL-OLS500, machine synchronized AND externally powered.  A  battery  is needed to maintain the  internal  processing while on standby, but need not be replaced with each fill for up to five years.

Most of the necessary brackets, fittings and tubings are stocked for shipment with our  lubricators, as kits or individual parts.
external powered
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Equipment synchronized 
external powered
Oil dispenser 500cc

The single point digital display lubricator (TL-D1 and D2) can be mounted directly on to the bearing or on a bracket up to 3 ft. away using an extension tube and fittings. It cuts down on time spent by personnel in servicing the bearing under hazardous conditions and can be located outdoors . Weather-proof within the temperature range of -20C - +50C.

The refillable electromechanical unit (TL-M1, M2 and M3) services a single bearing point, or up to eight, each at a maximum distance of 20 ft. from the unit, indoors or outdoors. The grease pouch refills and batteries are recyclable. With optional lithium batteries the units can handle lo-temp to -40C. Over the lifetime of the mechanical unit it is an economical option. 

The refillable electromechanica1 MS series, 125cc, 250cc and 500cc, is available with a machine synchronized option, externally powered. The lubricator automatically goes to standby when the equipment is switched off, and starts up again with your equipment. A battery is needed only to maintain the internal processing while on standby, and will last for up to five years before needing replacement. 

Another lo-temp capable unit is the refillable MSB series, machine synchronized but battery operated. With the lithium option the MSB can handle temperatures down to-40C. It operates on an internal battery but will turn ON/OFF with the equipment in accordance with the power signal from the relay box.

TL-MEX has certification for hazardous locations.